Welcome to Ilayaragam

Ilayaragam is a south-indian music band in the San Francisco Bay area.

Our goal is to remind people that music can be soul soothing and at the same time, leave an everlasting impression when presented through the core elements of orchestration that go in the song along with the vocal element.

Objective for Ilayaragam is to standout as a unique band to create quality music to stay in people’s hearts for long time and entertain people.

  • We support great social causes that makes a difference in lives of the ones who deserve it.
  • We strive to make good music by our relentless efforts and passion for performing good music.
  • We believe and entrust in our members, volunteers, organizers and sponsors to make every show a successful venture.


  • Ilayaragam's 7 on Nov 2nd, 2013 was a grand event supporting Aram Sei and Akshaya Trust.

  • Buy tickets for 7isai Geetham on 3/1/2014 Buy 7isai Geetham Tickets

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