About Ilayaragam

Ilayaragam is a music band in the San Francisco Bay Area. It started as a dream of a few musically like minded people that became a reality in 2009. The main objective of Ilayaragam is to deliver soul soothing Tamil film music unique in choice and introduce fresh talents with the sole purpose of entertaining people for a good social cause. The focus of Ilayaragam lies in the orchestration that goes behind every song in addition to the vocal element.


The motto of Ilayaragam is to perform music that is more soul soothing which includes various genres of songs and gives a memorable feeling to the audience in every show we perform.


Ilayaragam strives to focus on quality in all the shows it will take on in the future. The great asset to this objective lies in the highly spirited members, who besides their hectic professional and personal life consistently put in tremendous effort to make each event a great success and for the great cause.